What are the laws in NZ regarding the use of UAV/Drones?

Click here for important information from the CAA about the use of UAV/Drones in NZ

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How do I pair my phone with my Parrot kit? To pair your phone correctley, please refer to the help files.
My phone's contacts are not sent automatically to my kit. What can I do? The automatic synchronization of your phone's contacts depends on the phone's features. To send contacts from your phone to your kit, please refer to the help files.
My settings were deleted. What happened? To pair your phone correctley, please refer to the help files.
How do I pair my phone with my Parrot kit? If you turn off your car and you do not see the message "Good Bye" on the display, this issue is due to a wrong installation. To fix this, you need to switch the 2 fuse holders of the wires which that powered your kit: the red and the orange wires.
I can't use some features of my phone with Parrot kit. What can I do? In order to check which features can be used, please refer to your phone.
My phone disconnects all the time. What can I do? On certain phones, it is normal. It depends on the Bluetooth profile of the phone. There are 2 bluetooth profiles for phones : Headset profile and HandsFree profile. HeadSet profile is the more basic profile. Your phone and the car kit don't need to be always connected all the time. They only connect to each other when they need to exchange data during the calls. HandsFree profile is the more elaborate profile. Your phone and the kit are always connected together. In order to check which profile your phone supports, please refer to the phones features.
How can I install my Parrot kit? Coming soon.
Warning : Some vehicles need ISO connectors. Please contact us for ISO connectors.


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