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CK3000 Evolution

Life made easier: Just turn on the engine. Drive. Talk. It s that simple !

The Parrot CK3000 Evolution hands-free Car Kit offers the convenience of voice recognition and outstanding sound quality by using your car's sound system as a receiver. It takes less than an hour for your local mechanic to mount the Parrot CK3000 EVOLUTION : electronic box, microphone, keypad. There are no apparent wires. Once installed, just turn on the engine and you are immediately connected to your phone. Even by leaving the mobile phone in his bag, with his Parrot CK3000 EVOLUTION, the driver dictates a name and is immediately connected to his correspondent. The car's speakers transmit the conversation with perfect quality of sound, regardless of the driving conditions (traffic, highway…).

Colours Available:

Black (CK3000)



Box Contents

1 Electronic Unit Control

1 External Microphone

1 Power supply cable

1 Mute Cable with ISO connectors

1 Keypad, fitting accessories

1 User Manual



Unidirectional microphone: noise reduction, echo cancellation, voice recognition up to 150 names

Number of contacts: 2 000 per phone total of 20 000

Speakers: uses the vehicle's speakers

Pairing: pairing up to 3 phones

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